Thursday, October 30, 2008

Three fish.

The fish on top is a trout. The second one is (supposed to be) a grayling. The one at the bottom is a barracuda.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Here are two views of a painted pitcher. I've painted a number of flat surfaces and I'm becoming interested in painting curved surfaces.

Pint glass.

I'm becoming interested in painting glass. This pint glass looks quite nice (and is much more interesting!) when full of a lager or a pale ale.

One grid, many designs.

These designs are all based on a single geometric grid. It's interesting how many quite different designs can be generated from a single grid. I'm sure I've only scratched the surface. The round plates are all 13" or 14" in diameter.

Various coffee mugs.

A variety of coffee mugs.

Tea set.

Since this picture was taken, I've painted two more cups and saucers. I have yet to paint the sugar bowl and creamer.

Pheasant plate

The plate is 13" in diameter. The botanical aspect of the design is loosely based on a Persian original. In order to get the very light blues, I added an ivory white to the lapis blue, but I did not care for the flat opaqueness of the result after baking.

Two deeper bowls.

These two bowls are about 10" in diameter and deeper than the "fish" bowls and humming-bird/dragon fly bowls pictured below.

Some rectangular plates.

A selection of rectangular plates with various designs.

Two fish bowls

These two shallow 12"-diameter bowls are painted with the same design. Notice that the blues are slightly different. The second picture was taken before that plate was "baked".

Humming birds and dragon flies

I was experimenting with a monochrome design featuring humming birds and/or dragon flies. One is a 14" diameter plate. The other two are shallow 12" diameter bowls. The image at the bottom shows the design on the side of the two bowls.

Marigolds and something else

Here are two more early plates. The yellow flowers, I think, were meant to be marigolds. I don't know what the other flowers are supposed to be! The plates are 13" in diameter.

Early larger plates.

Here are three of my earliest attempts at painting larger plates (12" to 14" diameters). The earliest is at the bottom.

Two eccentric plates

Here are two plates, 14" across, with somewhat eccentric designs. The plate with the plesiosaurs, pterodactyls, and fish is slightly Escher-esque, although I wasn't trying to imitate him when I painted it. The second plate is decorated with a pot-pourri of Persian designs and images.

Three early teapots

Here are my first three attempts at tea-pots. Again, you can see me stuggling to get the paint to do what I want it to do. The prairie-chicken tea pot is certainly the most sucessful. Unfortunately, on the other side of that pot I painted a turkey that didn't turn out nearly so well. On the other tea-pots, again, I painted the branches and stems with a brush and wasn't able to get the lines as thin and delicate as I wanted. Since I painted them I think I've overcome that problem.